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Free time to be low or below, be right and be wrong alone, like i'm taking apart of you,  to be strong like I was before.

I' the loser
I'm your friend
and the hope
it don't end
i'm your music
feeling bold
or you lover
getting cold

Hey she's so strong
stronger than a love song
breaks me down like a
sand in a strong storm

and my path is clear
to be all alone
in my comfort zone
and i have no fear

Says she won't come
unless she hears the last song
we should look good
unless we see the many would

And your path is clear
and your all alone
but you feel it now
if you kill us all

and you'll pass it along
when the coast is clear
have no fear


from Pink Revolver - DEMOS, released September 9, 2016




Model/Actress Model/Actor Los Angeles, California

Model/Actress is composed of bassist/synth op Juan Monasterio (Brainiac)Todd Philips (Bullet LaVolta)Curtis Mead (Chamberlain)After the 1st show (Shudder To Think) drummer Adam Wade left the group, they teamed up with Tim Aaron then adding Charlie Walker on drums.

The EP features guest appearances from Jesus Lizard frontman David Yow and (Enon/Brainiac) guitarist John Schmersal. A new album is..
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