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Savor a kiss
before he's out on the road

u send a letter thats lists
all of the troubles you've sold

it takes awhile, just hold
cause he will dare to kiss you

(become)[you became] attracted
to the game of miss you (each time)

raw, cruel, (getting it back) on track
You gettin ready
to repeat it again

your like your brother,
little twist, to the wrist
Your gonna get it all, then let it all, go

If you're taken a risk
well then you're breakin a code

like if a powerful twister
begins to lift your home

will you adapt to change
to keep your pain in the range (or)
double back to get the facts to back you
you know the problem cause the facts are moving lately

Oh yeah, do it again, hang tough
you light a match, but you lose to the wind
it's all true, you say that people can change,

shoulda read all the words
talking can be cheap

Take a chance, a glance or two
for awhile, what a drag
and your down on your luck,
for tonight, its a day, that your winding it up
don't be shy, can't ya see, that we're liven it up

to the mat, it's the key, if your given is up
call em back , did ya see, hey don't whine, just get up)
at a wall, is this all, if i'm setting it up
all alone , it's the same, it's a matter of what
all ways

you rely on the sky, just keep looking it, up and you'll cry,
as the rain rakes you're pain, washing some of the lies
so their bright , as a light, shining pretty as new
brand new world, brand new day, is just waiting for you
to repeat, your old beat, you hold on to your seat,
as the daze come ablaze, and you skip on the heat
jumping higher as the fire, no longer burns in defeat
you are one with the fun as your enemies greet
you - wow - you won - have fun tonight
cause tomorrow they'll start to gun for your seat
you - wow - you won - have fun - tonight
cause tomorrow they start gunning, pow pow

Take a chance
a glance or two
ass a while
what a fag
and your down on your luck
so tonight
its a stay
and your winding it up
gather why
did ya see
that we're liven it up

or a mat
it's a key
if your planet is up
call em back
did ya see
you're a whiny get up
at a wall
is this all
is sittin it it up
all alone
it's the same
it's a matter of what
all way

at the bottom of the page

you could have sold
all his fear right back to him and

you made a visual frisk

and made a power fist that's fading

Plenty of people have tried to do it b4
if u r specially keen, and can avoid it some more
and get a habit of cheating all the people ur meeting

it has an appetite, for knowing wrong from right

You get it ready
want to heat it again (to repeat it again)

A path from thousands of years
passed on from bodies now cold

and I don't care,
go to the kitch
to the rich
you wanna switch

afraid of the rich

better get ready cause you'll hear it again

if your gonna do it, yeah, do it all the way

common, cool

would you like wine with this
you should come out of the cold

bad day ready to cry
you hate the movie and you're ready to go

don't want to hear it again

your dishonesty speaks but you think nobody knows

piling lies, deceit, on top of secrets you keep

it was the moment i lied
not the moment i told
it was the cries and fits

take it or leave it
wait to eat till it's cold

beggin to see you
but you've decided to go

breaking the ceiling and all the rules from before
i've got a terrible feeling that we've been here b4

you wanna play
you wanna do it again (to repeat it again)

And now I have your heart
and want to tear it part, so

your not ready but I heat it again

you won't set it


let it



you can fly if you try
you can let it all in
i see you're eyes and whoa
i hear your cry and miss me baby

they're all over the road

crawl, zoo, ramsack

its been a thrill to kiss ay
it's been a thrill just to kill you back at baby

but when the lying gets great and yourback starts breaking

razor to kill,what's on the side of the road

Before I ran into you I was the bane of the town

it goes to show it's the fire that seeks me maybe

raw, cruel

brite light, burn it again,

A car needs assistance on the side of the road and then a
lady needs help because she's getting so old but I
feel fine just passing; let their story be told
I'm a piece of ice and you can try to crack me baby

but theres powerful words to let their story be told
without my help as I feel comfort in the place that others call cold

this time i was bought and then immediately sold
into a ravenous pit, until they said you were old

but you are hitting the road

breaking the ceiling and all the rules from before
i've got a terrible feeling that we've been here b4

on track


go ride a boat, go across & back, again

scraping the kills

been a windy road


from Pink Revolver - DEMOS, released September 9, 2016




Model/Actress Model/Actor Los Angeles, California

Model/Actress is composed of bassist/synth op Juan Monasterio (Brainiac)Todd Philips (Bullet LaVolta)Curtis Mead (Chamberlain)After the 1st show (Shudder To Think) drummer Adam Wade left the group, they teamed up with Tim Aaron then adding Charlie Walker on drums.

The EP features guest appearances from Jesus Lizard frontman David Yow and (Enon/Brainiac) guitarist John Schmersal. A new album is..
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